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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2008 ULTIMATE CYCLE CHALLENGE: An Indoor Team Cycling Event

Join me for an event that is sure to get your heart rate up, be inspiring and team-building and promote wellness! The Ultimate Cycle Challenge is a fundraising event I participated in last year and had an absolute blast. The fact that the net proceeds are donated to the Lance Armstrong Foundation makes this a not-to-be-missed opportunity. Come ride with me this year!
*You do not need your own bike or previous cycling experience to participate.

An indoor cycling event full of non-stop motion, music and fun! Help raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation by getting a team together and riding an indoor bike (stationary spin bike or personal bike with back-wheel trainer) in segments for 12 hrs or 24 hrs. The UCC Committee, along with the Lance Armstrong Foundation, believe that in the battle with cancer, unity is strength, knowledge is power, and attitude is everything. Funds raised through Ultimate Cycle Challenge will be donated to the Lance Armstrong Foundation to aid in the progress against cancer and to empower people with cancer to never give up hope.

Anyone interested in an event full of entertainment, exercise, friendships, fundraising, and promoting cancer awareness. Participants ages 8 and up are welcome and will include everyone from elite athletes to those who just want to make a difference. Regardless of who you are, everyone who comes is promised an unforgettable time! This event can be done just by yourself or up to 24-people breaking up the time in segments as a relay team for 12-hrs or 24-hrs.

I would like to get a TEAM VALEO 12-hour group together and, if you're interested, this is what I need from you:
1. Your name and/or name of friends interested.
2. $30 entry fee per person, payable to Ultimate Fitness and Health, to go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.
3. I will create a schedule once I know how many people are interested and you can let me know the time-frame you would be willing to cycle (typically 1-hr to 3-hr segments - or whatever you'd prefer!).
The 12-hr ride will take place:
Saturday, February 16th, beginning at 8am and ending at 8pm.

Ultimate Fitness and Health
91 Douglas Ave, Ste 140
Holland, MI 49424

Contact me today and be a part of TEAM VALEO 2008!

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Road Bike meets Dirt Bike = Cyclo-Cross.
Hills. Dirt.
Snow. Lactic Acid. Grass. Cold. Barriers. Fun!

On Saturday, I participated in a KissCross (Michigan's local CycloCross group) event and was the stoker on a tandum with captain Mike Clark, owner of Velo City Cycles (Thank goodness Mike did all the bike handling; I just had to close my eyes and pedal hard). :)

Cyclo-Cross is a autumn and winter sport and, according to MC,

"Cyclo-Cross is the fastest growing segment of competition nationally and right here in West Michigan - and it’s a great way to extend your season, stay in shape and have a blast. The races are short and furious, the venues are usually city parks or other local areas and the terrain ranges from single track to pavement to pretty much everything in between. Don’t wanna race? Come and watch then! ‘Cross is spectator-friendly to the nth degree and the vibe is nice and mellow. (Around here anyways). We count 19 races on the Michigan calendar alone, not to mention Chicago and rumours of races farther north."

[ check out for schedule and other cycling news! ]

Each Cyclo-Cross event is done in laps (this race was about 8-min per lap for a total of 3-9 laps), with each lap combining some sort of varying terrain, with multiple dismounts off your bike to climb up steep hills or jump over logs or other barriers. It's tough and crazy but the good 'ol atmosphere, campfires, soups, beer tents, and people made it one of the coolest winter sports I've seen and done!

Jumping the barriers.

Climbing the hill -'bout the time I lost feeling in my legs...lactic acid burn or numbness from the bitter cold?? Crazy Mike is wearing shorts. Whaaaaaat?!

Me and "Velo City Mike" - Finished! Whew.
"Boyfriend Mike" also raced (individually) and did awesome! I'm very proud of him. :)


Think about this for a moment…What if 2008 was the year that you took control of your body? The year that you threw your fat clothes away…the year that you were proud to put on a bathing suit…the year that your doctor congratulated you on your improved health...the year that your family and friends - and that special someone - showered you with compliments. It's possible. Even more possible than you think.The thing is that you need to direct your effort in an effective way. It all comes back to enjoying sensible nutrition and introducing new and challenging exercise into your routine.

My good friend and fellow Personal Trainer from my time in Florida, Taylor, sent this helpful list to her clients and I thought it was well worth sharing with you as well!

Here are 10 great tips that will help prevent you from gaining weight over the holidays:

1. Limit your intake of calorie laden beverages. Eggnog, champagne, mochas, and hot chocolate all have one thing in common: they are packed with empty calories - avoid these beverages and load up on water instead.
2. Officially schedule exercise into your calendar. It's just too easy to let workouts slide this time of year - make a commitment to exercise and keep it.
3. Forego the goodie making. By keeping your home free from Holiday treats you will undoubtedly gain fewer pounds. However, if you simply have to make those Christmas cookies then chew gum during the baking process to prevent snacking.
4. Have fun being active. Winter is a great time to burn calories outdoors. Go skiing for a day or take the kids sledding. No snow in sight? No problem - take a brisk bike ride or power walk through the mall.
5. Use healthy ingredients. Your Holiday meal will taste even better when you seek out fresh, organic and low fat ingredients - and you'll feel better too.
6. Learn to compromise. Dying to have that peppermint mocha? Go ahead - but have it with nonfat milk and pass on the whipped cream.
7. Don't go hungry. The Holidays are a dangerous time for your metabolism. Focus on eating small balanced meals every few hours to keep your metabolism going strong.
8. Enjoy a sample. No one says you have to completely avoid the appetizers and desserts at your Holiday party - just enjoy in moderation.
9. Focus on family not food. Let's face it, this time of year is big on two things: family and food. Make an effort to place your focus primarily on your family.
10. Stick to your strategy. The best way to gain weight over the Holidays is to approach them without a plan. Using the above tips, write down the ways in which you plan to avoid weight gain this year - then periodically check up on yourself.

In this season of gift giving don't miss the opportunity to give yourself the gift that you really want - a leaner, stronger, healthier body and a lifestyle worth celebrating.

You deserve it.


Last week I had the opportunity to teach an Adaptive PE Class @ Hudsonville High School for my good friend and triathlon-training buddy, Elizabeth. I had such a blast with the kids - their energy and spirit absolutely made my day and we had so much fun rockin' out to the music and doing the Strength Training and Cardio Circuit I made for them. Here are some pics from our time together!