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Monday, July 2, 2007

Eat Pure. Live Pure. (and it's Yummy!!)

I'm sitting here eating a Pure Bar. Organic, Raw, Healthy and Delightful (just like the package says)! NO refined sugars, no trans fats, nothing artificial...! Created by Holland's own Veronica Bosgraaf, these health bars were originally made with kids in mind, as an alternative to sugary snacks. They've become so popular, they are now sold around the world and boast some of the best reviews. At 190 calories, 8g fat (from essential "good-for-you" Omega-3 fatty acids), 26g Carbohydrates - 4g of which come from filling-Fiber and 19g from natural fruit sugars and 5g Protein, these bars have it all - and are the perfect between-meal snack to keep you going.

It's been a long time since I've had something like this that's tasted so should try them! They are found in our local grocery stores (next to most sport bars), in health-food stores and in local coffee shops and cafes (JPs, etc). My favorite flavor so far is Apple Cinnamon...what's yours?


Anonymous said...

So glad you have a blog for Valeo! Awesome. I'll have to make you one of my links. We shall have fun in August. I will have to get my water bottle then!

Kendra said...


These things rock- I devoured mine yesterday on my last long bike ride before the Ironman. It was superb and I am hooked...many more bars to come!

Great blog- I love the information and can truly hear you coming through! Can't wait for August 10!

Renae said...

I tied a few of the newer flavors of the PureBar... Wild blueberry and cranberry orange! I love the fact that the bars are local! I look forward to new flavors!