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Monday, July 7, 2008


My friend, Anne, recently celebrated her 2nd anniversary of a lifestlye change that not only resulted in a significant amount of weight loss, but also a significant gain of freedom and health. I am SO proud of her and wanted to share her accomplishments and learned lessons on this journey - a journey that, though it has not been easy, has changed her life - just read all the things this girl has done the last two years. Wow. I hope her words inspire you - whether you are in the midst of your own journey or not - as much as they have me.
In her own words...
Today marks the 2nd anniversary of changing my lifestyle to a healthy one. I've learned a lot over the past two years, accomplished many things and see the next two years as continued opportunities. In no particular order...

I've learned...

* I would rather eat my calories than drink them
* Shopping with friends takes on a whole new meaning when you can go to the same store as them
* Social gatherings don't have to revolve around food
* We need to eat to live NOT live to eat
* In the end, food doesn't make stressful situations easier
* Goals can be numeric but should also be behavorial
* It feels so good [mentally, emotionally and physically] to be healthy

I've also...

* Ran my first 5K
* Developed an addiction and love to Spinning
* Climbed a crazy huge mountain in San Diego
* Lowered my BMI, cholesterol and triglycerides
* Maintained my within 5-10 pounds of my goal depending on the day
* Had the opportunity/challenge to buy a new wardrobe four sizes smaller
* Bought jeans a size smaller than what I wore my senior year of high school
* Shared my story at 4 M M P C meetings with the 5th coming up in two weeks
* Inspired co-workers [or so I'm told] to change their habits
* Become the Healthy Lifestyle Ambassador for my department at work
* Been honored as a great one
* Been able to take three flights of stairs at work without thinking twice
* Learned to reward myself with things other than food - a new book, a pedicure and clothes
* Learned how to respond when people comment on my new exterior
* Gained self confidence

I still...

* Need to commit to an active lifestyle every S I N G L E day
* Need to remember one not so good choice doesn't have to mean a flood of others
* Need to not eat when bored or stressed
* Need to celebrate how far I've come
* Need to take one day at a time
* Need to consider a personal trainer to take my strength training to the next level
* Need Him to give me strength to continue


tim, brooke and teagan said...

Wow! This is awesome! Jess - your hard work and dedication to your clients changes lives - both seen and unseen!

Matt said...

Really, really awesome. I am inspired myself by your words of encouragement. God is doing some amazing things in your life and is obviously using that to influence others in incredible ways (including myself). Miss your friendship.