Valeo Training

Monday, January 12, 2009


Just a reminder that I'm offering a FREE 1-hr Yoga class TONIGHT at 7pm. My friend, cyclist, and Yoga-extraordinaire, Heather Allegrina-Bowe, is hosting a Yoga class at the Satya Yoga Center in Saugatuck. I've taken her classes before and absolutely love them - I've walked away, even from just one session, with a renewed sense of strength, body awareness and breathing control. There is so much benefit to Yoga, especially as a complimentary workout to your normal routine.

This class is for current or past Valeo-ians only and is just a 1-time thing. All mats and other equipment are provided. I'd love to see you there!! (it's really easy to get to). This session will be great for those who've never tried yoga before!

Satya Yoga Center (a serene, beautiful building nestled in the woods)

3385 Blue Star Highway

Saugatuck, MI 49453